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ViewPoint ViewPoint - Now available via NHC Distributors, Inc. CrossTec Cross-Reference & Parts Lookup Software
Find the items you need to order quickly and easily
Lookup by part #, dimension, description, oem number, make & model
Contains information on items such as description, dimensions, notes & detailed photographs
 View live product availability via the internet
 Create and submit purchase orders via the internet
 Instantly see new products, specials & promotions
Easy to install & even easier to use

How Can CrossTec™ Help You?
With CrossTec™ ViewPoint, you'll make better use of your workforce because CrossTec™ does the cross-referencing and parts-lookup and allows your staff to spend more of their time on sales and customer service. With CrossTec™ ViewPoint, there's no more lost time sorting through catalog part numbers looking for the correct item. You'll manage your inventory better than ever by increasing your sales and maximizing inventory turns. You can instantly check product availability with your vendor so that your customers can be better informed and happier with your service level.

Who Are We?
CrossTec™ was painstakingly developed by NHC Distributors, Inc. - a distributor of aftermarket replacement parts and cutting attachments for atv's, chainsaws, harvesters, lawn equipment, and small engines.

Why CrossTec™?
As a distributor for aftermarket replacement parts, NHC has continuously sought new ways to better serve their customers. This meant faster, more efficient, and more reliable service for a better price.

The biggest stumbling block seemed to always be that of parts lookup - finding the items you need when it matters most. Each OEM produced its own proprietary listing of part numbers and descriptions. To make matters more complicated, there were literally thousands of aftermarket parts that would do the job as well, if not better, than the OEM part and for a better price. These too were assigned proprietary numbers and descriptions. Many times replacement parts were available; however, because of the burden of manually tracking the parts back through the volumes of catalogs, many dealers were unwilling or simply could not afford to take the time or hire the personnel to do the work. After all, no one wants to lose money! Thus, CrossTec™ was born.

Having been a distributor of aftermarket parts for over 34 years, the management of NHC knew first hand what problems existed in their industry. Upgrading computer equipment to the latest and most modern available, they began to write programs to deal with their own inventory and parts lookup problems. Not only are these well written programs, but they are tried and tested by people working in many industries.

CrossTec™ is continuously evolving into a bigger and better product
as a result of user feedback and research.
We look forward to the next generation of product to serve you.

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